Wickaninnish Weddings & Elopements | Rustic Elegance on Nature’s Edge

Wickaninnish Weddings & Elopements | Rustic Elegance on Nature’s Edge

Chesterman Beach is known as one of the best beaches in the world. It’s at the end of the road, on the edge of the sea, the furthest west you can get in Canada! It’s white sands stretch 2.7 kilometres with a tombolo connecting to Frank Island right in the middle. Surfers come from all over the world to surf the winter waves. And summer vacation memories are forever etched in the sand and waves.

All these things, surf, sand and sea are the perfect recipe for romance and it’s no wonder that Chesterman Beach sets the stage for hundreds or proposals and weddings every year!

The only resort on Chesterman Beach is the Wickaninnish Inn. Well known for it’s hospitality and fine dining, the Wickaninnish Inn is a very special place, with an incredible grove of old growth rainforest and ocean views from every room. They offer full wedding planning to create the beach wedding of your dreams. They also offer an Elopement package for more intimate weddings that includes everything, from accommodation, commissioner, licensing, bouquet, boutonniere, witnesses if needed, professional photography, a cake, massage, and a keepsake. Here are a few photos from Phyllis and Taylor’s summer elopement, captured by Marnie Recker Photography!












Tofino Wedding Fair & Contest

Tofino Wedding Fair & Contest

Saturday, January 23, 2016 All day!

For the first time ever, the wedding experts in Tofino are gathering together to welcome people to learn more about all the incredible services that Tofino has to offer. This is not your typical wedding fair. Come discover what your Tofino destination wedding could look like – in person. Whether you’re envisioning a casual beach wedding for 50, a rainforest elopement, a same-sex celebration or vow renewal, we’d love to welcome you to the inaugural Tofino Wedding Fair!

By registering for this event and visiting us on January 23rd, you will be entered into win an incredible Tofino Dream Wedding Grand Prize! Learn more about it HERE!

Rainy Day Tofino Wedding

Rainy Day Tofino Wedding

Photo by Marnie Recker Photography

I love rainy day weddings just as much as I love sunny ones. They push a photographer to the edges of their creativity and the results are often unique and very romantic. Although it can sometimes be challenging, rain brings humour, a lightness to the present moment, the rainforest is bright and lush, the clouds are gorgeous, and reflections are awesome in compositions. Umbrellas are great props and gumboots are the biggest trend at west coast weddings.

Some tips for being prepared for the chance of rain on your wedding day in Tofino or Ucluelet!

1. Go outside no matter what! Rain and wind are not the greatest combination but there are always places that will provide some shelter from the elements. Rain is easy to work with. A rain and wind combo can be challenging but there are beaches and forests that provide shelter. Work with a local photographer that knows all the beaches and understands the weather patterns.

2. A rainy day wedding is a rainy day narrative. Rain is a great element in the story of your day. In your wedding album you will want images that reflect this. Be it with photos taken through a rainy window, a raindrop on a leaf that holds your rings or a dramatic night photo with raindrops illuminated all around you.

3. Rain boots are a necessity! They are stylish and comfortable to wear. And they add a splash of colour to your photos. Imagine your white dress, yellow, red or blue gumboots making splashes in the tide pools next to green anemones and purple starfish. Yes! I want to make this image with you!

4. Umbrellas! Bring them if you have them, but don’t work if you don’t. I have almost every colour of the rainbow, a rainbow one, white one, and clear one. And ALL the resorts have black ones!

5. Talk to your hair and makeup artists about rain proofing your mascara and hair-do. It’s impossible to protect your hair from falling a little flat with the elements, but it is something to consider when choosing the style for your day. This is also why preparation photos are so important because a few photos before the ceremony in soft pretty window light are wonderful to have. Get you while you are done up perfect before you get lip stick on your cheeks, the wind blows your hair around and a tear runs down your face while you say your vows to the love of your life.

6. Make sure your photographer comes prepared with back-up gear. Wet cameras sometimes stop working in the rain and gear can fall in the wet sand.

7. Have a bag with a warm shawl or sweater if it’s cold or windy.

8. Always have a Plan B. You never know what the weather is going to do on the west coast. The forecast is seldom right. It can give you a basic idea of what it might be like, but more often than not, it is wrong.

9. Have fun! Be open to the surprises that will happen on your day and be ready for an adventure. After all, that is what life is- a great big adventure and your wedding day is one of the milestones that you will never forget because you will have the photos to celebrate it. So breath deep, laugh lots and don’t sweat over the little things.


Planning the Perfect Proposal in Tofino

Planning the Perfect Proposal in Tofino

Tofino is not only a perfect destination for a wedding; seeing up to 600 marriages a year, but it probably gets about triple as many engagements. Wind swept beaches and lush green rain forests are the perfect setting for romance and Paul wasn’t wasting anymore time after eight years of being with his beautiful Elizabeth. So, he contacted a photographer that knew the area and they went to work to plan the perfect proposal.

Paul decided on a breathtaking spot surrounded by crashing waves at Cox Bay. He also made dinner reservations at Long Beach Lodge so they could enjoy a delicious meal on the beach afterwards. The stage was set, Elizabeth had no idea and Paul got down on bended knee and presented a beautiful ring to Elizabeth. It was perfect. The sound of crashing waves, birds flying over head, a salty fresh mist, and then the sky opened up and gorgeous sun rays filtered through the clouds, bringing warmth and certainty to their commitment.

Photography by Marnie Recker Photography





8 things to consider when planning the perfect proposal.


1. Know the location.

Chances are that you may already have a special beach or spot on the coast that you want to do the proposal. But it’s sometimes a great idea to have a local help you decide on the best spot. Local wedding coordinators and photographers are great people to contact.

2. Know the tides.

This become especially important in the winter time when high tide can mean that there is no beach to propose on. In which case, you will want to find higher ground with a great view.

3. Have a backup plan.

It rains in Tofino. Rain, hail, and gail force winds happen and you need to know what the next best location is. Sometimes, you might have to call off the outdoor proposal. It’s important that you are both comfortable and there are plenty of beautiful restaurants with awesome views that make for great proposal settings. The ring in a wine glass as you sit around a roaring fire overlooking the storm or the ring with a special desert prepared by a top chef. Backup plans can be just as incredible.

4. Have an after plan.

You will want to do something fun after! You’ll have lots to celebrate and talk about. Make reservations at a great restaurant or book a trip to the hot springs.

5. If you are staying for a few days, propose on the first day.

This way you are not thinking about it the whole trip and give you plenty to celebrate during the trip.

6. Speak from the heart.

It’s good to plan a little of what you are going to say, but in the moment, really speak from your heart. Tell her what you love about her and why you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Share with her your favourite memories of your relationship together and  share what you see your future life to be like.

7. Get Creative.

A proposal can be as simple as getting down on bended knee surrounded by the powerful nature of Tofino. But how about, a message in a bottle washed up on the beach or hire a scenic helicopter ride and have it written in the sand below. There’s no limits to what you can do!

8. Breath. Relax. You got this!

If you are nervous, fidgeting, thinking about the ring in your pocket, or worrying that she will say no, she will start to get suspicious. It’s going to be difficult to be totally calm and collected, but you need to keep your cool or she will know. You’ve put in the work to plan this, so don’t worry. Just breath, relax and have fun!


April at Long Beach Lodge | Real Weddings

April at Long Beach Lodge | Real Weddings

Long Beach Lodge Resort has been recently recommended in Huffington Post as one of the best wedding venues in B.C. And it is no wonder! Situated on Cox Bay Beach, with spectacular views of the ocean and first-class service, Long Beach Lodge is one of Tofino’s most popular venues for weddings. The resort can accommodate weddings with up to 50 people and has a on-site wedding coordinator to ensure stress-free planning and an incredible wedding day.

Rain or shine! The option to have your ceremony in the Great Room can be a wedding saver if the weather decides not to cooperate on your wedding day. And let’s face it, they don’t call it the ‘wet’ coast and ‘rain’ forests for nothing. But don’t let that deter you from having your wedding in Tofino. Here are some photos from earlier this month on a fine April day. Janine and Wayne decided to have their ceremony and champagne toast on the lodge’s beautiful patio. And it was an easy stroll to capture some photos on the beach, in the forest and out on the headland. Followed by a delicious feast prepared by Chef Ian Riddick and a beautiful cake from the resort’s pastry chef, Ryan Pike.

Another plus is that the resort is dog friendly so you can have your puppy at the wedding too!

Photography by Marnie Recker Photography





Curious to see what the weather and surf is like at Long Beach Lodge right now? Check out the Live web camera!

New Tofino Wedding Directory Website for 2014!

New Tofino Wedding Directory Website for 2014!

Thank-you for checking out the NEW Tofino Wedding Guide!

Caitlin and I are very excited to share this new website with you. Tofino is a one-of-a-kind destination for weddings and we truly believe that our little town has some remarkable businesses.  This site is all about connecting people with the businesses that are committed to creating amazing experience on the coast.

As a wedding photographer, I get tons of questions about the best beaches and venues to have a wedding, the most delicious food, the weather, the tides and I love connecting with my clients and helping them make great choices. For the past three years I have used my photography blog to make posts highlighting all the resorts and services in Tofino. Tofino Wedding Guide will continue highlighting the different businesses that I work with and my photography blog will take on a different format that I will be sharing in the upcoming months.

With lots of tips, resources, and information, this guide will serve to help people plan their weddings in Tofino. We have also created links for Ucluelet businesses to share their services. Additionally, there will be full social media integration, with Tofino wedding highlights and updates on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. There is even a #locationscout on Instagram. And there is a monthly newsletter highlighting Tofino real weddings, contests, tips and events. You can become a member of the guide to be the first to see the newsletter and take advantage of the many contests and promotions that will be offered.

The best part about the whole thing is that listings are FREE for all Tofino businesses that cater to the wedding industry. If you have a business in Tofino and you do not see yourself represented on this site, please contact us and we’ll include you under your service category. This is a work in progress- please contact us at tofinoweddingguide@gmail.com if you have any ideas or comments about the site. We also offer listing upgrades if you would like to have more exposure with visual listings, social media and blog integration and newsletter representation.

Enjoy the new site! We look forward to your feedback and friendships!

Tofino Wedding Guide is an online wedding directory representing ALL the amazing wedding businesses that make Tofino one of the prime destination wedding spots in Canada.

We know that it can be overwhelming to plan a wedding. With so many choices and decisions to make, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. Our mission is to go above and beyond to bring you lots of wedding tips and the most up-to-date information to plan the wedding of your dreams.

First step is deciding that Tofino is the one and only location for your wedding. And this directory will help you get in touch with all the individuals and businesses to make that Tofino wedding a huge success!

Please contact us with questions, suggestions or comments.

Congratulations and good luck with your planning!