Pacific Rim Beaches

The Pacific Rim Beaches are a breathtaking string of beaches, facing the open Pacific Ocean, surrounded by temperate rainforest. The Pacific Rim Park Reserve has three different regions: the Broken Group Islands in Barkley Sound, near Ucluelet, the world famous 72 kilometre West Coast Trail and the most accessible region of Long Beach, near Tofino.

The beaches, Schooner Cove Beach, Long Beach, Coombers Beach, Wickaninnish Beach, and Florencia Beach are all within driving distance of Tofino. It is rare for people to have their wedding ceremonies or receptions in the Pacific Rim Park but it is a great option for a photography session or ‘first look’. If you are considering one of the Pacific Rim beaches for your ceremony, you will need to contact the Reserve for information and permits. You can do so¬†HERE.

Schooner Cove Beach

Schooner Cove is a spectacular and fairly secluded beach that is accessible from Long Beach North at low tide. There is a Schooner Cove trail that can take you to Long Beach North, but you will still need to time it with the tides if you want to get around the point. The boardwalk trail is 2 km through beautiful temperate rainforest. There are a lot of stairs on this trail.

Long Beach

Long Beach is one of the most accessible and popular beaches in the Pacific Rim Reserve. There are two parking lots, one of which you can drive right up to the beach. The airport is across the road to the beach.

Long Beach sometimes refers to four beaches: Schooner Cove, Long Beach, Wickaninnish Beach and Coombers Beach. At low tide all these beaches do connect with rocky headlands separating them. Most of the time Long Beach refers to the 12 km of golden sand that spans from Schooner Cove in the north and Coombers Beach in the south.

Coombers Beach

Coombers is a secluded long stretch of beach that is accessible in 10 minutes from the parking lot. The trail opens up to a river that is crossable at low tide. This is a very photogenic beach and very popular for engagement photo sessions.

Wickaninnish Beach

This is another very long stretch of golden sand with surf and sand dunes. Do not be confused by the name as there is a Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino but this beach is a 20 minute drive from the hotel.

The Kwisitis Visitor Centre and restaurant is located at the south side parking lot. And there are plenty of parking spaces and bathroom facilities at the trail heads to the beach. It is also the entrance to the trail to South Beach.

Florencia Bay Beach

This is one of the wilder beaches. There are cliffs to the south, rocky areas great for exploring tide pools, lots of sandy stretches strewn with shells and a river that was once the location of a gold mine. A 10 minute walk from the parking lot takes you down a steep flight of stairs to the beach. There is also a trail that will lead you to connect with South Beach and Wickaninnish Beach.