A Dog in your Wedding Party?

A Dog in your Wedding Party?

No problem! It is quite common for couples to want their beloved canine companions to take part in their special day and the beaches of Tofino are a dog’s paradise.

Big dogs, little dogs, you will find all sorts here. Your furry, four-legged buddy will certainly be in good company. Tofino beaches are scattered with dogs enjoying life and who would blame them, with endless stretches of sand, ocean waves and other dogs to play with.

Numerous resorts in Tofino offer specific pet-friendly accommodations with easy beach access, generally at an additional charge per night. Your dog will be lounging in luxury! These rooms tend to book up fast though, so make your arrangements in advance if possible.

Tofino also offers dog walking and care services with local business ‘Tofino Travelling Paws‘. If you are planning to head out with your family and friends for a long day of adventure and can’t take your dog with you, this would certainly be the lady to call!

When exploring the surrounding area and beaches, please respect any posted signs as some areas require dogs to remain on a leash. Also, keep in mind that during shorebird migratory seasons (mid-April to mid-May and mid-July to mid-October) dogs can disrupt birds during this crucial feeding and resting period, so best to keep them away from the water’s edge where the birds generally tend to gather.

Now, whether your dog bears the rings, adorns a bow-tie, pins a flower or shows up just as they are, they will certainly be a welcome addition to the celebration, not to mention the fun photo session to follow! So come on, let your tail wagging, four-legged friend escort you two newlyweds down the aisle for the first time. I have no doubt they will do so with style and grace.

Here are some tips for a stress free puppy full wedding!

1. Inquire with the resort or venue whether they have rules regarding dogs. Most resorts are dog friendly, but have rules about where dogs can be.

2. Determine whether your dog is suitable to have at your wedding. All dogs are different and some just don’t have the temperament to be a part of such a busy day. If your dog barks a lot, jumps up on people or pees on everything, it might be best to leave him at home. Maybe it’s best to express your puppy love through having a photo of our dog on the signing table.

3. Decide what parts of the wedding day your dog will be a part of. Will he walk with you down the aisle, carry the rings, or will be a part of a photo session after the ceremony?

4. Decide who will be responsible for your dog throughout the day. It is best not to bestow this responsibility on just one individual, but have a few people that will look after him at different/ or the same times.

5. Treat your dog to a grooming session. You are going to look your absolute best, why not your dog too!

6. Talk to your wedding party and family members about it. Does anyone have severe allergies or fears of dogs?

7. Bring your dog to the rehearsal and practice. See how he or she reacts to the new environment and practice any tasks he or she needs to do. In the days leading up to the wedding, introduce that new bow tie or ring pillow to his training routine.

8. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Have a sense of humour when your dog doesn’t do exactly what you want and be flexible when plans change unexpectedly.

9. Include your dog in a photo session! Here are some fun examples of proud pups at weddings in Tofino. All images by dog lover and Tofino photographer Marnie Recker.





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