Vendor Membership

Tofino Wedding Guide is a business co-operative that is dedicated and passionate about promoting local businesses that cater to weddings. If you are a local business that would like to discuss ways to promote your business through a membership, we want to hear from you!

In 2015 we are offering memberships to preferred businesses. The membership is a visual listing in multiple categories (depending on service) and a complimentary blog post that can be written by the Tofino Wedding Guide Team or submitted by you. In addition to the visual listing, Tofino Wedding Guide will give exposure to your brand through some blogging and social media interaction.

This year, The Tofino Wedding Guide will continue working on SEO and establishing a strong marketing presence in the regional and national wedding industry. Tofino Wedding Guide is a proud member of the Tofino-Long Beach Chamber of Commerce and looks forward to working alongside Tourism Tofino in efforts to build the wedding industry. Rack cards will be on display at the information centres and in some of the resorts. Through consistency, creative marketing, and collaboration, we will build the site to be one of the top directories in Tofino. Thereby, achieving our top priority- to establish Tofino as the top wedding destination in Canada.

We hope that you will join us in building the success of the project.


2014 Preferred Vendor Membership

  • Visual Listing with Company Logo
  • Image Gallery with Company Description
  • Listing in Multiple Categories
  • One Blog Post (Written by the Tofino Wedding Guide or submitted as a guest post.)

Online Marketing and Advertising

Marketing has changed a lot in a very short period of time. Three years ago only a few Tofino businesses were using social media for marketing. Today, almost every business in Tofino has a Facebook page and Twitter account. All the different social media platforms can take up a lot of time and this is valuable time that could be spent building client relations in person and providing amazing services, products and experiences. If you are finding social media marketing to be too much work or if you are finding it’s just not working for you, Tofino Wedding Guide could be the solution.
Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst, Instagram and monthly newsletters are just a few of the ways we will work to give exposure to your brand.