Vows & Toast with Mark McKeough

Vows & Toast with Mark McKeough

Word and video from wedding videographer extraordinaire, Mark McKeough of On The Beach Wedding Videos.

The reception at your wedding will likely be the most fun part of your day. If you’ve made it this far, you’re married now! All of your planning has paid off and things happened (more or less) perfectly. Now you and your guests, can relax, have some fun and celebrate your new milestone over food and drink.

But receptions can also hold some of the most emotional parts of the day. Think about it, such a unique collection of friends and family doesn’t get together very often. So when the speeches start, you’re just as likely to see a few tears as you are to share a few laughs. That’s why toasts are often the backbone of my wedding films, they say so much about the couple and often come from the people closest to them: brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, best friends…

Moments like these are why video is such an important part of any wedding. The payoff comes later on, when you are able to revisit all of these moments as a family. It’s not uncommon for me to hear that couples were unsure about whether they should get a video, only to have it be their favourite keepsake. One of my brides, Sarah, summed it up best in her Facebook review:

“At first we didn’t think to have a wedding video taken… After watching our video many times over the last year. I would say it is the most treasured memory of our wedding… Something like this is priceless especially since Tofino tends to be a destination wedding place. My aunt now jokes that we will need to watch it over and over again to remind us how much we love each other! Life goes on but we don’t have to forget that feeling.”

Another bride, Rebecca, actually hired me on the advice of her friends who were recently married. The consensus was that if they could do it all over again the most important thing they would have done differently would be to hire a videographer to capture their day!

Here is Rebecca & David’s Film, which features some very touching moments from Mom’s on both sides of the family.

David & Rebecca from On the Beach on Vimeo.

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