Wedding Welcome Packages

Wedding Welcome Packages

Do you want to make a great first impression?  Surprise your lovely guests with a Wedding Welcome Package and ensure that they have a memorable time in Tofino!  

Greet your family and friends with a package of local goodies and weekend essentials:

1. Choose a bag, basket or box!  Find something fun to stash your guests swag in.  Personalize it, either with your names or the theme of the wedding.  Beach bags are ideal for Tofino – versatile, reusable and easy to carry.

2. Include an itinerary.  This is a great opportunity to share important event specifics with your guests.  Contact information, locations, times and transportation are key details that guests should have on hand.  Include any other pertinent information, ensuring that the weekend goes by smoothly.

3. A Tofino map and guide book.  Highlight unique points of interest.  Send your guests on a scavenger hunt, include a gift certificate to one of Tofino’s fine eateries, book a fun group surfing lesson, whale watching tour, kayaking trip, yoga class or spa visit.  Tofino has an abundance of hot spots to mark on your map.

4. Add a small gift or token that is unique to Tofino.  There are numerous local artisans, boutiques and galleries in this town.  A few examples to get you thinking:  Sea Wench Naturals has a beautiful line of locally sourced body products and candles, Tofino Coffee Roasting Company sells bags of delicious locally roasted beans, Tofino Tea Bar offers premium quality loose leaf tea and blends, along with other locally crafted gifts.  The options are endless in this small town, you are sure to find the perfect memento to send your guests home with.

5. Snacks are always a good idea!  For the sweet tooth, Chocolate Tofino has a variety of delicious treats to spoil your guests.  Chips, granola bars and other savoury snacks are also a hit to get everyone through the big day.

6. Drinks, alcoholic or not, but why not get the party started early!  Toss in a bottle of Tofino Brewing Company‘s popular Tuff Session Ale or one of their seasonal brews.  A small bottle of sparkling wine also makes for an excellent welcome gift.

7. Hangover cure (from having too much wedding day fun) – hydration and aspirin.  A group brunch should also do the trick!

8. Thank You!  A hand-written, personalized thank you card shows your guests just how much you appreciate them being a part of your special day.


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